About PP&MJ

Karen Ducharme is an American writer who lives in NY. Her first book was published in 2010 and the second, in 2012. These books celebrate her love for beauty and following their success www.paperplanesandmaryjanes.com made its debut.

Her aim is to provide an aspirational focus for 40+ women with an emphasis on fashion advice, personal styling and the latest beauty information. Karen has always had an ability to identify the latest trends, edit them and curate the very best in fashion. Her eye for beauty and detail is evident in the words and visuals that distinguish her website. She is an acute observer and has a “voice” that resonates with many.

Paper Planes & Mary Janes believes women want to keep up to date with not only the current trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle but also with what works for them. Finding a signature style is not easy for every woman; this evolves over time and can be learned and crafted. Knowing and understanding, following the lead and learning from other women is how Karen sees the way forward.

www.paperplanesandmaryjanes.com is a destination for women to learn about themselves, to grow their self- confidence and to become more successfully engaged in their lives.

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