gray hair

Way to Hide Gray Hair without Dying It

Hair is one of the optimal traits of a person’s personality. Having dashing looking hair is one of the considerable traits of a person.

With the aging process, your dashing looking hair is turned into gray, then that younger-looking look is taken away is normal, but men can also have gray hair premature period due to hormonal imbalance.

We are here assisting how you can hide gray hair without dying it in the simplest way. If you are keen to learn more about the aspects, then consider reading out the details how without dye hide gray hair, then this article can turn out to be favorable for you surely.

Easy ways to hide gray hair!

Instead of coloring hair with dye concentrated with ammonia that would ultimately make all your hair gray, it’s better to hide them away.

Here stating simple ways to cover gray hair at home, those are easy and practical.


Black coffee

Making use of black coffee is considerable for people for hiding away gray hair. You are not required to drink the black coffee, but with the use of coffee, you can surely have better-looking hair. All you need to have is a strong brewed coffee.

Wait until the coffee cools down. Once it is done, then consider to pour into your hair to get the black tint temporarily in your hair. It can actually stay for two to four weeks, depending on natural hair color.


Henna is one of the traditional methods to use for hiding gray hair with the natural product. It is a really effective method that results in natural coloring pigment for redheads and brunettes.

One cup of henna powder, two cups of lemon juice, and tbsp of vinegar can become the great relief for your gray hair. Mixing the ingredients before five hours when to apply until the henna gets thicken.

So, choosing for these natural ways to hideaway your gray hair can be turned out to be really helpful.

The final judgment

From the details stated above, it is easy to grasp that hiding gray hair with permanent hair dye is anyway not a solution.

Additionally, these natural ingredients won’t cause any harm to your scalp. Henceforth, above mentioned ways can be surely practiced instead of inclining to the idea of hiding gray hair without permanent hair dye that would ruin all your hair.